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Configured car certification
Auto parts sector, consulting

A well-known brand automobile production after-sales parts trading company

Background of the project:
In mid-March 2019, the Customs and the Market Supervision Bureau jointly issued a document "Exemption after April 1, 2019 will be enforced by the Market Supervision Bureau." At the same time, the Market Supervision Bureau issued an announcement "Due to the switch system, March 25 to April 1 Suspend the exemption from acceptance.”

Customer impact:
On average, customers ship about 40 tickets per day, and each ticket is about 126pcs. This operation will cause customers to be unable to ship normally for more than a week.
The Consumer Association requires auto repair companies to complete repairs within 35 days. Failure to deliver goods on time may result in undesirable consequences such as complaints.

SLC solution:
Coordinating the customs, bonded zone committees, and market supervision bureaus, and finally achieved a breakthrough. The orders from March 22 to April 1 will be manually arranged by the customs to ensure that customers will ship on time and will not affect the maintenance plan.

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